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The Marine Surveyor School

(On line) and (In the field) activities


The Marine Surveyor Apprentice Program offers two avenues to completion

 of the Marine Surveyor Diploma Program. Successful completion of either

program will qualify the candidate for entry level into the Marine Surveyor business.


 The Internet Apprentice Program is a comprehensive "Distance Learning"

program which include hands on activities as well as completion of

study material which is conducted without the apprentice leaving his area.


The  Hands On Apprentice Program, located in Rhode Island,  is

a program where the Apprentice learns by performing the actual job in the field

and participating in the everyday activities of a Professional Marine Surveyor.


These programs are conducted and supervised by a professional

Marine Surveyor who will guide  the participant to the beginning

of a new career as a professional Marine Surveyor.


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Sample Surveys


Wellcraft 42 Express   Cruisers 38   Endeauvor Trawler    Freedom 45 

  Legasy 28   Cabo 35   Seaswirl 26   Morgan CC 43 


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